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In case of any unexpected interruption, our engineers are available to support our clients through online support or service visits. Most issues can be dealt with through online consulting, however, if needed, our team is available to be on-site at short notice.

Maintenance and Service Agreements

Do you want peace of mind in your operation? Then sign up for a service and maintenance agreement, which will increase the up-time and ensure that systems are maintained and parts are exchanged before they fail.

In collaboration with our customers, INTERTEC provides service agreements based on individual requirements.

Contracts for service and maintenance of e.g. airside installations and training of airport staff are an integral part of our airport projects.

Whether it is for a fixed period/price or a “pay as you go solution”, there can be several benefits to an after sales solution such as e.g.

  • Enhancement of the reliability and quality of the service/product provided via scheduled maintenance

  • Extension of the lifecycle

  • Personal or online technical support by qualified and experienced field service personnel

  • Service parts included

  • Response time within a fixed time frame



Our service team ensures that you get the right part, and our efficient distribution network ensures a fast and timely delivery directly to our clients.

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