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Navigation and Instrument Landing Systems

With different functions, the navigation systems provide accurate navigation guidance information during approach and landing.

  • Glide path, GP

  • Localizer, LLZ

  • Distance measuring equipment, DME

  • Doppler VHF Omnidirectional Range, DVOR (VOR)

  • Non-directional radio beacon, NDB

  • Markers and locators


Distance measuring equipment, DME, measures the distance between an aircraft and a ground station via radio signals. By pairing the DME with e.g. a VHF omnidirectional range (VOR), a two-dimensional navigation system is obtained and thus an even more precise guidance information.

Doppler VHF Omnidirectional Range, DVOR (VOR), is a ground based radio navigation system that assists the aircraft in the approach by sending omnidirectional signals from ground based beacons located at the runways.

Instrument Landing Systems, ILS, is a runway approach aid based on two radio beams to provide pilots with precise vertical and horizontal guidance during landing approach.

INTERTEC AIRPORT DIVISION supplies, installs and services all equipment in navigation and instrument landing systems, and we have the expertise and know-how to come up with the solution that meets your specific requirements.

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